Sarah Spanton

Sarah Spanton is Waymarking’s director.

Waymarking’s Development
In 2007 Spanton began to develop the ideas behind the organisation Waymarking, following a Cultural Leadership Programme funded project led by New Work Network. Launching this website in 2010, Waymarking has continued to strengthen and grow.

Recent developments include embarking on a year-long taught MSC in Urban Regeneration and Development at University of Manchester (2014/2015). This intensive practical and theoretical post-graduate learning programme has enabled Spanton to connect her arts/cultural practice and consultation work with the world of urban planning, development, regeneration and design – continuing to ask the question: What are the futures of cities and how will we all live together? through research, delivering projects that make a difference, sharing and embedding ideas and approaches.

Arts / Cultural Consultant
Spanton has been working in the arts for over 25 years, and has had a wide variety of freelance and salaried roles across the arts sector, consulting, developing and managing projects and events, facilitating, evaluating and researching.

She has implemented many high quality strategies and projects which make an impact through creative means. Her ethos, when supporting individuals and groups, is to take on the role of facilitator. She is experienced in supporting diverse groups to work collaboratively and in partnership together. She has a reputation for having a strategic approach, yet retaining strength in practical detail – being both highly creative and well organised and efficient.

As a consultant Sarah Spanton has worked with organisations/establishments such as;

Spanton’s Artistic Practice and Background
Spanton’s practice is cross-disciplinary, embracing performance, video, photography, dance, sculpture and text. Waymarking strengthens this approach, its projects are collaborative, socially engaged, sited within the public realm, rather than dedicated arts spaces and strongly focused on participation.
Running in tandem with Waymarking, Spanton’s solo practice addresses themes of identity, subjectivity, gender, sexuality and the body. Intimate and often humorous, this work explores emotions, inner worlds and states of mind, frequently driven by autobiographical starting points.

Spanton graduated from Sheffield City Polytechnic in 1989 with an Honours degree in Fine Art; sculpture, making performative mixed media objects (glass/textiles/ceramics). She then took a divergent path and over several years explored her interest in performance and the body through workshops and courses in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and release-based techniques, completing a Masters of Arts in Dance Theory; representation and somatics at De Montfort University in 2000. Her practice fuses her grounding in fine art with the later development of her interest in performance and the performative. Commissions include Chisenhale Dance Space (1997), Axis (2005), Hull Time Based Arts (2008), East Street Arts (2011).