Creative Connections: Miles Platting

Creative Connections is a neighbourhood research project, where Spanton is working with a group of local people who live in the Miles Platting area of Manchester. The project is co-designed, and supports local older people to plan and deliver their own research into their neighbourhood, through the formation of a Creative Connections Team.

The project follows on from recent research into the area led by Manchester Metropolitan University’s School of Architecture, entitled Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods (MAFN) – which is working in four areas of Manchester to bring people together to develop plans to make Manchester neighbourhoods better for older people.

The Creative Connections Team are collecting ‘Tales of Miles Platting’, asking people to tell them their stories about Miles Platting, past, present and future. The project is funded by the Miles Platting Age Friendly Neighbourhoods Board.

Spanton is also supporting the wider MAFN project by undertaking urban design and other forms of analysis of some of the research undertaken on walking tours and other community interviews for MMU.