Gipton CED Scoping Report

In 2017, Spanton was commissioned by Space2 to develop a scoping report on the possibilities for community economic development (CED) in Gipton, Leeds.

Space2 has recently located into a new community building Gipton Fire Station. The report set out to inspire this arts, health, wellbeing and community development-focussed organisation, which has been working in the area for over 15 years, to investigate the potential value of engaging in CED activity to support social, economic and environmental resilience and change. The research and report identified the aspects of Space2’s programme which already overlap with CED, undertook a place-based asset mapping activity with local people, and outlined an action plan for developing a programme to initiate and implement CED in Gipton.

Space2 has agreed to investigate this line of enquiry further and we are seeking funding to develop this work.