Land & People

Land & People: A community guide to the planning system
Land & People is an engaging, thought-provoking workshop comprising a series of visual, lecture-presentations alongside practical participatory discussion activities. This workshop has been devised for community groups and artists’ groups to find out about the English planning system, from its inception to the current state of play. Participants will find out how the system works, who uses it, who works in it, what they do and how communities can engage and input into it.

The first workshop took place at Inspiral London Festival, Gravesend, Oct 2017. The Land & People workshop was supported by Richard Sobey. Sarah and Richard work together as DELVE Associates work together to make unusual connections to impact on the development of place, policy and prosperity.

As part of Inspiral, Sarah also gave a talk entitled Navigating the line discussing her recent journey from artist/performer and arts professional to planner. Thinking through the artist’s role in civic society, artist’s as activators of social change and the issues in ‘navigating the line’ between the two roles of planner and artist.