Curious City Dwellers

Curious City Dweller Projects are a series of projects that encourage communities / audiences to be curious about and engage with their neighbourhood, surroundings and/or environment.

These projects enable the director and her associates to undertake action research to investigate;
i). The current conditions of living and working in towns and cities
ii). Options for the future of city-living – asking how can we live and work differently in our cities?

These small and large scale research projects are conducted in collaboration with people who live and work in cities and towns – through a range of creative means; performance, video, dance, photography, writing, drawing and sculpture.

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Curious City Dwellers Projects are:
Creative Connections: Miles Platting (2017)
Reactions (2016)
Slices / Seams (2014)
Value in the Neighbourhood (2013)
City Scribe (2012 – 2014)
Verse: Voices: Vistas (2011)
Dwelling (2011)
Project One (2010)

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