Citizens for Change Leeds (2014)

A socially-engaged project which took place from Nov ’13 to April ’14. It was a development programme to support community activists and campaigners who are making positive social change in their neighbourhoods and across Leeds. In partnership with Together for Peace

The four groups were:

Director, Sarah Spanton facilitated a short series of sessions to support each group to work more effectively on their campaigns.

Citizens for Change Exchange
Was held on Tues 8 April at
Ebor Court, Lisbon Street, Leeds, LS1 4ND

The programme culminated in a final event creating a space to bring those involved in community development in Leeds from across the city together to:
• Hear from campaigning group members about their campaigns/activities
• Discuss current issues raised by the groups (and other event participants) in relation to community development in Leeds
• Reflect on community development in Leeds
• Make new links and connections between groups in Leeds

Reflecting on the Programme
Sarah collaborated with Daniel Mutibwa,
of University of Leeds to reflect on the programme, and received Leeds Acts! funding

Image credits:
Sarah Spanton (1-5), Bryony Pritchard (6,7) and Jo Lee (8)