City Scribe; Montpellier (2014)

Taking place in April, 2014, Spanton performed City Scribe Montpellier, a performance made in response to the Trans theme of the IETM Montpellier Plenary. In Montpellier Spanton transposed a walk that took place in Leeds that connected a series of pedestrian shopping streets, shopping ‘malls’, a market, a city square, an arts centre… onto the streets of Montpellier.

The City Scribe measures, marks and reflects on the city, inviting local people to reflect on it too.

Further Info:
City Scribe is artistic practice as research and research as artistic practice. It is a series of interventions into city space. People (audiences) see this work incidentally/accidentally as they encounter it on the street. Sometimes the work is also part of a curated programme.

The methodological approach is centred around the performative actions of the City Scribe. These solo performances are accompanied by a gathering body of additional ‘data’ relating to these actions; GPS tracking, photographic and video documentation, writing, drawing and other mapping activities.

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Image credits: Richard Sobey