Nothing ventured...nothing gained (2013)

Nothing ventured…nothing gained was a 2 day seminar programme which shared models and approaches to international exchange, bringing curators and practitioners from across Europe to meet with curators, programmers, producers, academics, practitioners from the Yorkshire region.

The seminar programme was conceived in response to today’s climate, where it feels more and more essential for the arts community to look outwards, beyond our borders, to take risks and undertake challenging and transformative projects together. The programme brought people from different cultures and backgrounds together, to share, listen, reflect and manifest new ideas and approaches, maintaining a generosity of spirit and being open to the possibilities of collaboration. The seminars were of interest to those working in the contemporary visual arts, performing arts, live art and those working across disciplines.

Thurs 6 June, 2-5pm
Theatre in the Mill/The University of Bradford

International speakers:
• Marijana Rimanic – Pogon, Zagreb, Croatia –
• David Irle – Reseau En Scene, Montpellier, France –
Regional speakers:
• Iain Bloomfield – Theatre in the Mill, Bradford University, Bradford –
• Rita Marcalo – Instant Dissidence –

Fri 7 June, 2-5pm
Site Gallery, Sheffield

International speakers:
• Charlie Fox – Decentrederspace, Marseille-Provence, France –
• Lesley Yendell – Barcelona, Spain –
Regional speakers:
• Clare Charnley –
• Rita Marcalo – Instant Dissidence –

Around 50 people attended the two seminars:
Very valuable, good to be inspired. I have never ventured out of the UK but I just might now…

The variety of contributions supported my thinking and crystallised what I personally am most interested in when talking about international work and working. It offered a great basis to build on.

… an open and democratic event which offered fresh insight and the right set of conditions for us to have meaningful and productive exchanges.

Events and seminars like Nothing ventured… are the points where usually new ideas and new collaboration get conceived. I think that, although we didn’t have strict goal or a tangible output, it is extremely important to have an opportunity for such an encounters. Making connections and discussing together before the actual collaboration usually results with better quality of the projects and stronger partnerships.

Nothing ventured…nothing gained was directed by Sarah Spanton and was a Compass Live Art Project, undertaken in partnership with:
• Theatre in the Mill/The University of Bradford
• Site Gallery
• Yorkshire International Performing Arts Network (YIPAN)
• Point Blank Theatre / Riverside Café
• Mind the Gap