City Scribe; The Bluecoat (2013)

City Scribe took place as part of Poolside Emergency. Liverpool in April 2013, a partnership between Emergency ( and The Bluecoat (

In Liverpool, City Scribe takes the Bluecoat as its starting point, observing and documenting Liverpool’s architecture, atmosphere and its flows of people through movement and physical exploration of the site – mapping a series of journeys around The Bluecoat’s courtyard, and into Liverpool’s busy shopping centres and streets.

The City Scribe measures, marks and reflects on the city, inviting local people to reflect on it too.

Further Info:
City Scribe is artistic practice as research and research as artistic practice. It is a series of interventions into city space. People (audiences) see this work incidentally/accidentally as they encounter it on the street. Sometimes the work is also part of a curated programme.

The methodological approach is centred around the performative actions of the City Scribe. These solo performances are accompanied by a gathering body of additional ‘data’ relating to these actions; GPS tracking, photographic and video documentation, writing, drawing and other mapping activities.

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Image credits: Jessica Sweet