Live Art Meets Choreography (2012)

Spanton curated this evening of live art at Yorkshire Dance ( in their Friday Firsts programme on 3.3.12. Entitled ‘Live Art Meets Choreography’, the focus of the event was to create a dialogue between two performance disciplines; dance and live art. Spanton asked the artists taking part to embrace her definition of choreography, using it as a creative framework within which to experiment:

‘Choreography is when moving things (could be people) are arranged in space and time – with the dynamic qualities and the pacing of the movement considered throughout the whole’.

The five performers were Gillian Dyson, Victoria Firth, Sohail Khan, Duncan Marwick and Adam Young. They each make work in live art and experimental performance contexts, and presented an exciting and diverse programme of newly developed works.

Images 1-3: Gillian Dyson
Images 4-5: Sohail Khan
Images 6-8: Duncan Marwick
Images 9-11: Victoria Firth
Images 12-13: Adam Young