Waymarking asks...

What are the futures of cities and how will we all live together in them?

Waymarking’s core question is reflected upon and directly addressed in collaboration with a range of partners: through research, delivering projects that make a difference, and sharing and embedding ideas and approaches.

• Waymarking facilitates communities to actively participate in how neighbourhoods change and develop.

• Waymarking makes connections and enables dialogue and collaboration across disciplines/sectors.

• Creativity and innovation are central to Waymarking’s co-designed explorations of place-making and place-shaping.

Sarah Spanton is Waymarking’s director.




Waymarking delivers practical projects and provides a range of services across sectors;

• community consultation/engagement
• spatial planning skills
• research and development
• community economic development
• community business expertise
• facilitation
• cross-sector partnership working
• arts and cultural consultancy
• arts and regeneration consultancy
• professional development/training
• projects and events development/management
• strategic development
• evaluation